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Ways to calm babies

Hearing the first cry from your baby is the most thrilling experience for every mom. It is the sign of your child entering the world with good health. However, as the weeks go by, that thrill might slowly turn into concern and frustration. Whether your baby is hungry, frustrated or tired, babies cry all the time and it is a normal thing. So, knowing how to calm a baby could be really helpful for both of you during those fussy evenings. Here are our 5 ways to calm a fussy baby.

Using a baby rocking chair or swing

If you are tired then a rocking chair might do the trick. It can offer a soothing and rhythmic motion that helps to calm the baby down. Just make sure that the rocking chair or swing is comfortable for your baby, the baby is in the right position or the chair is not too big. It is also quite easy to find a rocking crib to soothe them to sleep!


Mothers have been using this technique to calm their babies whenever they are fussy for centuries. Singing to babies is not only a good way to soothe your baby but it also strengthens the bond between you and your child. Plus, many doctors believe it helps baby’s development. So, just pick a lullaby you like or make up a new one for your little one. You can also turn on some soft music but nothing can match the mother’s voice.

Ways to Calm a Fussy Baby

Swaddling in a blanket

You can prevent the fussiness by wrapping your baby cozily in a thin and lightweight blanket with their arms across their chest. Swaddling has a wonderful calming effect. Some experts believe that swaddling helps to recreate that feeling of security that your baby had in the mother’s womb. Plus, being wrapped up snugly can stop your baby from being disturbed by their own startle reflex. Therefore, swaddled babies often sleep longer and easier.

Swaddling _ Ways to Calm a Fussy Baby


The surrounding world is brand new to babies and they are very curious about it. So, you can try this technique to distract the little one and make them forget about what makes them fussy. There are a few things you can do like turn on the TV, give the baby a toy or just carry them outside. Right after they stop crying, the baby will want to go back to sleep. You will figure out what works best for your baby after a few tries.

Those fussy nights can be a bit frustrating in the first few weeks but it will get better soon. Just be patient and don’t give up, try every way you can and I’m sure your baby will stop being fussy constantly in no time.