Breastfeeding 101: Reasons Why Your Breast Milk Output Is Higher In The Morning 

breast milk output in the morning

Like many aspects of motherhood, breastfeeding is seemingly just another thing you have to do without the help of a manual! And, even if you have mastered your lactation routine, you will probably still have some questions about it in the back of your mind. In this case, have you ever questioned your breast milk supply? Does it stay the same throughout the day like everybody thinks? So, read on to know how wonderful a mom’s body is. And, this might also help you on the journey with your newborn baby.

Storage Capacity

This is simply the amount of milk that your breast can store between feedings. However, because every mom is different so how much milk your breasts can hold varies greatly, too. So, in terms of different levels of milk production, the main reason could be their own breast milk capacity. For instance, a mom with a smaller storage capacity will need to nurse her baby more often to satisfy the baby’s appetite.

And , she also needs to maintain her milk supply since her breasts will become full faster, meaning she will definitely feel like her breast has reached its maximum capacity in the morning. In this case, you should let your baby empty those breasts quickly to get more comfortable. Also, it will help to avoid the risk of low milk supply.

Peak Hormone Hours

After being pregnant for approximately 9 months, you might probably know how much your hormones can fluctuate and affect your body. There’s one hormone in particular that plays a major role in milk production, which is Prolactin. This hormone is necessary for the secretion of milk and stimulates the growth and development of the mammary tissue, in preparation for the production of milk. As it turns out, most of the prolactin is produced during the night. So, it makes sense that the higher prolactin levels which increase your milk production would result in you having a higher output when you wake up in the morning.

Fat Content

While milk production is at its highest in the morning, breast milk is higher in lactose but also lower in fat and protein during this time. As it turns out, the fat content that increases in the evening has a lot to do with why your breasts milk output in the morning. The higher fat content of your breast milk produced in the night time is designed to help your baby sleep longer and less fussy at night. So, by being able to get a large chunk of uninterrupted sleep, your breasts have plenty of time to refill, leading to the higher output after you wake up in the morning. While night milk contains higher levels of certain DNA building blocks which help promote healthy sleep. Day milk, by contrast, has more activity-promoting amino acids than night milk.

The Bottom Line

A research about milk samples across the first month postpartum has shown that the immune components including key antibodies and white blood cells are higher in day milk compare to night milk. So, now you know why breast milk output is usually higher in the morning and how special your day milk can be. Remember to not waste it! And, if you use relief bottles, make sure your baby’s “breakfast” should be the milk that you pumped last morning. Feel free to ask us any questions in the comments!