How to Soothe a Teething Baby | Parenting Guide

How to soothe a teething baby? When a little one shows signs of discomfort due to teething, it's natural to seek for a safe solution like using cold therapy

It can be difficult to watch your baby suffer through this uncomfortable teething stage. Although some babies might experience very few or even no teething symptoms and discomforts. However, it is good to be a prepared mom. The more you know about teething, the better you can help your baby get through it. Read on for more tips about how to soothe a teething baby.

Chilled Fruits

When your little one shows any signs of discomfort due to teething, it is natural to seek for a safe solution like using cold therapy. However, because the baby’s gum is more sensitive than adults. So, instead of ice, we suggest using chilled fruits to soothe teething discomforts. Once you’ve introduced your baby to solid foods, you can use this technique to soothe your baby sore gums with tasty snacks, such as chilled bananas. Fruits are not only perfect for weaning but also a great tool to deal with teething. And, in order to help prevent choking, you should place the fruit in a mesh feeder so your baby can gnaw on foods safely.

Using Cool Items for Easy Teething Baby Remedy

If you need stronger solutions than using chilled fruit, then applying cool items directly on your baby’s gum can do the trick. You just need to take a clean and moist washcloth then place it in the fridge. Once cool, fold it smaller and give to your baby to chew on to help relieve those sore gums. However, you need to hold on the cloth so your little one doesn’t try to eat it. Other than that, using a cool spoon is also a good remedy for baby teething.

Using Bibs to Prevent Irritation

how to soothe a teething baby

One of the main signs of teething is drooling. Having a bib not only helps to protect your baby’s clothes from saliva odor, but you can also use it to wipe their drool. Wiping the drool from your baby’s face will make sure that the mouth area is clean and dry. Also, it helps to prevent any rash or irritation. But, you don’t need to wipe your baby’s drool too often because it might create additional irritation.


During this time, make sure your baby gets lots of hugs. Because teething is a natural development, it generally doesn’t affect your baby’s health much. So, it is necessary for you to be there and spend time to comfort them. Sometimes, the most effective remedy for a teething baby is the cuddling time with mommy. We suggest picking a comfortable chair and rocking your baby gently every time they are fussing because of teething. This will provide some quiet time for hugs and soothing, while it also gives you both the needed rest.

Talk to Your Doctor

Baby teething is usually accompanied by diarrhea or fever. So, you don’t need to worry too much when these symptoms appear. But, if none of the above methods work and your baby teething symptoms haven’t been improving for a while, then you should consult your doctor or pediatrician for advice.

Growing the first tooth is a big milestone in your baby’s life. However, this natural process can be uncomfortable not only for your baby but also for mom. Remember to always observe any signs and symptoms so you can respond to it as soon as possible. We hope our guide for how to soothe a teething baby can help you and your little one go through this period with ease.