Tips for the First Week with Your Newborn Baby

first week with your newborn baby

The first week with your newborn baby can be thrilling and overwhelming at the same time, especially with your first child. Also, you might be amazed that your life could change so drastically overnight. Although your baby is only one week old, many things can happen in their development. No worry, by learning from the experience of other moms, everything would be much easier for you. Read on our tips for the first week with your newborn baby.

Get Help with Feeding your Baby At Night

first week with newborn

In the first few weeks of being a mom, you will have to deal with many sleepless nights because your newborn baby usually wakes up and needs to be fed in the middle of the night. However, you can avoid that problem by asking for help from your partner or parents. So, during the day, after nursing your baby, you should pump a little extra milk and preserve it in the fridge. So, everyone will always be ready to feed your baby when the night comes. Take turns so everyone can have full sleep to prepare for the next day. That makes a whole world of differences. 

However, some doctors might give you advice not to use a bottle with a newborn baby in the first month because it can cause nipples confusion. If your baby is struggling to nurse then yes, you should take the advice. But, if your baby is doing fine, it’s ok to bottle feed sometimes.

Dress for Nursing

Every time you want to leave the house, there are chances that you’re going to be nursing 1-3 hours. So, having a nursing outfit should be the first thing you think about when going out with your baby. You can wear a T-shirt on the outside and a nursing tank top underneath it. Whenever your baby is hungry, you just simply pull the T-shirt up and the nursing tank top down. Therefore, your baby can nurse and you don’t need any sort of cover because nobody can see anything anyway.

Don’t Stress over Your Body 

It’s common that a first-time mom can be very aware and nervous about how their body is going to be after having a baby. Your body might still puffy and the chance that you lose weight from nursing is different from each mom. All of that stuff can be scary and it makes you feel so insecure. So, you should try to relax about that. Try to wear flowy clothes with dark colors, it’s more flattering than light colors. As time goes on, your body will recover. And, if you still have extra weights then you can lose it later. The priority is taking care of your newborn baby. You don’t need to worry about stuff like gaining weight.

Be Organized

first week with newborn

A new baby can make your house really messy with diapers everywhere, clothes, and clothes all over the place. That’s why being organized is very important at this stage. You can start by having everything you need for diaper changes in one spot. Put all of your diaper changing items in the baby’s room so you can grab them at any time, especially in the late-night hours. That’s when being organized it most helpful. so having a bit of organization for the stuff that you’re going to do all the time which is diaper changes and probably swaddling and getting them dressed.

Baby Hygiene

first week with newborn

As a mother, we always want to keep our baby clean so they don’t get sick easily. But, people just can’t resist touching your baby. They like to touch their hands, hair, and cheeks. All of that may increase the chance of getting ill. 

Also, you can’t bathe your baby during the time their umbilical cord is still healing. So, you should wipe your baby down gently with a warm washcloth at the end of the day. Also, asked people to wash their hands before they hold your child or touch them. We recommend you should have a hand sanitizer in your purse so sometimes if somebody wants to play with the little one and you’re not sure about that. Even though, don’t stress too much with the cleanliness things.

Choose a Pack Bag for your Diaper Bag

A classic diaper bag with handbag style might be the first thing every mom thinks about while choosing a carrier for their baby’s items. However, you might notice that with all the diaper bag essentials like diapers, clothes, and bottles. A handbag might be not enough. On the other hand, a backpack is very beneficial because you can just have it on your back without concerns about anything. You still have both hands-frees when using a side bag would take up half your body. Also, it’s very helpful if you have another kid and there are a lot of things that you need to bring. And, the backpack is also perfect if your older kid wants to help their mom.

Having a baby is overwhelming in general. The thing with parenting is lots of people have lost opinions. And, every baby is different so some of the tips might work differently. But, we hope it makes your life easier. If you have questions or tips for new moms then leave comments and help each other out because every mom needs help and support.