Tips to Make Learning More Excited for Your Kid after Summer Break

summer break

A simple way to refocus on academics after a long break is to start early and go easy. Your kid can enjoy pools or barbecues but still do some low-key learning activities every day, like scribbling math problems while playing. Make the transition from summer break into a new school year easier for your kid with these simple tips and tricks.

Make Their Mornings More Meaningful

Tips to Make Learning More Excited for Your Kid after Summer Break

A new trimester is coming and there is no time for sleeping in every day. So, try to start your kid’s day with some engaging activity such as a walk around the neighborhood, watering plants, or just eating breakfast in their favorite place. The goal is to take your kid out and encouraging them to meet new faces. Seeing someone other than mom and dad really has an unknown power to boost children’s energy. An energetic morning is a perfect way to begin a day of learning!

Let Them Play

Tips to Make Learning More Excited for Your Kid after Summer Break

Pick the board game your kid likes and spend some time playing with them every day. Schools will look different this year and it might overwhelm some kids. However, your child will cope better if you have already worked with them through it.

Cook Together

Cooking is a perfect combination of science and math. And, it’s not only fun to do but also tasty to taste. Starting by letting your kid measure ingredients and explain how they contribute to the final dish. On top of that, you can teach them fun facts about ingredients together like baking soda makes the muffins rise in the pan. Or, what would happen if they mix it with vinegar.

Conversation Jars and Topics

Prepare a mix of topics that your kid might be interested in and put it in a jar. For example, you can choose to talk about “The Best Type of Pizza”, “What would you do, if…” or “If I became president, the first thing I would do is…”. After picking one, let’s discuss that topic with them for a few minutes. As long as they feel comfortable about it, you can try to keep the conversation longer. This can actually take quite a while for them to get used to. But, it’s the foundation to build confidence, vocabulary, and problem-solving skills in the future.

Practice Acts of Kindness

It feels good when you do good things for others. But, unlike tedious lessons about civic education, this time it’s straight-up practicing. At first, you should start by telling them to help the people they love on small things like cleaning. Giving and doing things for others on a regular basis builds responsibility even in young children.

Buying Things Together

Whether your kid likes what you are picking or not, having the ability to choose can make them feel powerful and energetic. So, let your child decide which color or pattern of notebooks and fruit to get. This might be all you need to spark their enthusiasm around returning to school.

End The Day With a Dance Party

This is a good way to release the remaining energy of an energetic day! Your kid needs to have a good sleep in order the prepare for a new day with new things to learn. And, being a bit hyperactivity at the end of the day will make them difficult to sleep. So, take a few minutes to celebrate the past 24 hours by putting on a fun, upbeat song at the end of the day then continue this once the school year starts. It’s all about motivating!

Getting kids back on track after a long break is always a hassle. But, normally they will start to enjoy learning again and some even refuse to have a few days off. We hope our tips can make learning more fun and exciting for your kids. If you want to share your experience or have any questions, let us know about it in the comments!